• Tools for diemakers

    Tools for diemakers


Article number Product description
04902 Concreters' Nipper 300mm, ISO 9242 KN, Märklen item no. 6105150300
07067 Knipex tongs 68-200

Rule puller + accessories

Article number Product description
03276 Lips for rule puller Extractor 2000, in pairs
16640 RULE PULLER incl. 1 pair of jaws 9,5mm incl. 1 pair of jaws 4,0mm incl. 1 pair of distance piece
03272 Screws for Extractor 2000

Measuring equipment

Article number Product description
10161 Loupe 8x effective range 10mm, 0.10mm spacing
10160 Shore A hardness tester HPSA

Jig saw blades

Article number Product description
46117 Jig saw blades 160x3.0x0.65mm reverse 0.75-0.78mm
46118 Jig saw blades 160x3.0x0.80mm reverse 1.05-1.10mm

Milling tool

Article number Product description
06504 Fase miller with run-up bungs clockwise rotation, hard metal Ø24.50mm, Edge 20/25, length 45mm, spindle 8x25mm
06505 HM profile miller Ø21mm, 15 degrees
10162 VHM-graver lenght 23.70mm, Ø3mm, both sides useable, gap 7.30 on each side


Article number Product description
08372 Aluminium hammer, 250g
08403 Aluminium hammer, with ash wood handle, 350g
08371 Aluminium hammer, EB1 with hickory handle special prod. without pin, cylindrical, 250g
00234 end piece for aluminium mallet D 31 mm / 23 mm
08986 Polyurethane hammer Ø50mm
10071 Polyurethane hammer Ø70mm
08370 Rawhide mallet Ø70mm, size 6, 700g
08497 Rawhide mallet in barrel shape, 260g
08730 Rawhide mallet 380g
08495 Replacement heads made of nylon for soft mallet Ø25mm
08366 Soft mallet, Ø25mm


Article number Product description
15639 Bevelling shear
13018 Combi scissors holex lenght 190mm


Article number Product description
09990 Embossing register system I
09992 Hard metal wedge both side beveled for marbanick
09991 marbanick
09939 Marbanick II set incl. accessories unique in 3 stages 0,20 mm, 0,23 mm, 0,26 mm
09984 marbapoint for registering the upper and lower stripping die
04900 Nick Change System